The OptiEnz Sensing System for Measuring Organic Chemicals in Aqueous Solutions

Assay Sensing System

The OptiEnz sensing system consists of an instrument connected to a sensor probe via a fiber optic cable. The sensor probe contains the sensor tip that makes the continuous measurements of the specific organic chemical in the water or aqueous solution. That measurement data is transmitted to the OptiEnz Viewer software via USB for analysis or to a SCADA system via a 0-5V or 4-20mA interface for process automation,.

The OptiEnz Viewer provides a Windows PC-based graphical user interface that  display concentration measurements for multiple analytes. The PC connects to the optical transceiver via a USB port. The OptiEnz Viewer provides for configuration of the instrument and calibration of the sensor probe. Measurement concentration data is displayed in a numerical readout format . The OptiEnz Viewer also provides graphs for more detailed analysis and data logging.

OptiEnz Viewer - Windows PC Application

Sensor Caps

A replaceable sensor cap snaps on to the end of the probe. The sensor caps are unique to the analyte being measured -- the sensing system can be customized with the caps to address the unique requirements of different fermentation processes. Each cap contains an oxygen sensor and up to three sensing tips that can be used for different  concentration ranges for one analyte or simultaneous measurement of different analytes.