Measuring ABV in Kombucha

A new affordable & accurate alcohol sensing system 

Lower cost than sending out samples for testing

Everything you need to measure alcohol throughout your kombucha production process and get immediate onsite results

Simple to use and the same measurement accuracy as external laboratories


A KBI acceptable method for in-house testing in kombucha

Purchase plans, payment plans and low cost monthly rental plans

Watch the video and see just how easy it is to make measurements

Here's what kombucha producers are saying...

“We made shelf life up to 90 days and we can send our kombucha to our distributors. Everything is under 0.5% ABV now. Love it. Love it. We couldn’t do this without the OptiEnz analyzer and you can’t do this unless you’re measuring everyday.”

Jamba Dunn

CEO & Founder, Rowdy Mermaid

“I sleep better at night knowing that I can make my own measurements and the alcohol concentration in my kombucha is in compliance. The OptiEnz ethanol analyzer was a great investment, it’s easy to use with immediate results, and the customer support is fantastic.”

Gayle Hartwick                     

Owner, SeaBucha Kombucha, SeaQuake Brewing

“I’m able to monitor the alcohol concentration in my different batch fermentations, adjust conditions quickly, and optimize my process to control alcohol levels all while producing great tasting kombucha.”


​Paul Schnaas

Operations Manager, Bucha Brew
(855) 678-4369