Bioprocess Applications

What’s in your fermented beverage? It’s a critical question – one requiring fast, accurate, and precise measurements for the effective monitoring of alcohol and sugar concentrations in commercial fermentation processes for beer, kombucha, wine, and spirits. Proper monitoring results in product consistency, process improvement and efficiency, and verification that the alcoholic content is consistent with regulations and labeling. OptiEnz Sensors has developed a fast, easy to use, and low-cost system for in-house alcohol and sugar testing. The instrument sits on a bench-top and the probe is placed in the sample to make an accurate measurement in 3-4 minutes.


Cell cultures are widely used in the biotechnology industry to produce valuable products. The process environment must be carefully monitored and controlled to maximize important factors such as product yield and quality.  Real-time process measurements will lead to the automated process control necessary to ensure accurate substrate levels are maintained and that effective additions of important nutrients are made. In addition to enabling of process control, real-time monitoring also enables early detection of cultivation contamination and/or other failures. OptiEnz Sensors enables rapid and continuous monitoring of organic chemicals. The platform includes PC-based software, an instrument with an attached sensor probe, and replaceable sensor caps with multiple sensor tips. The sensor tips are unique to each chemical to be measured.

Beverage Production

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