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Real-time Monitoring
Real-time Decisions

Bioprocess Monitoring

Fast, accurate, and precise measurements are required in the beverage, biopharma, biotechnology, and biofuels industries. Bioprocessing operations require rapid measurement techniques during fermentation to ensure product quality, improve process efficiency, guarantee product yield, and prevent expensive shutdowns.

OptiEnz provides a sensor platform for rapid and continuous monitoring of organic chemicals in aqueous solutions. The platform includes PC Windows-based software, an analyzer with an attached sensor probe, and replaceable sensor caps with multiple sensor tips. The sensor tips are unique to each chemical to be measured.

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“We made shelf life up to 90 days and we can send our kombucha to our distributors. Everything is under 0.5% ABV now. Love it. Love it. We couldn’t do this without the OptiEnz analyzer and you can’t do this unless you’re measuring every day.”

Jamba Dunn
CEO & Founder
Rowdy Mermaid

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